The thing about being in that part of your life when drinking whiskey makes you for a brief moment someone suffering from amnesia instead of someone being lovesick.

A wise woman always tells me one thing over and over again whenever that car called Life stalls on me: "Do whatever your heart thinks is best"

I hate that term. I wanna hear the solution. I wanna hear "You should need to be more gentle" or "open your eyes and watch closely". But that little car called life is not there to give you instructions on how to drive a manual- except american cars do.

Life doesn't want you to have the solution right away. It's as if I tell you Walter White dies at the end of 'Breaking Bad'.

Oh, whups... uhm... Spoilers...too late...? (In case you really haven't seen it yet, go watch it right now and send me a hate message for ruining the ending for you) But if you really did not see it, you just got handed the solution to the problem. And was that fun? Sure, your problem was over in a split second. And those of you who did watch the show did not only get to know the solution of it all but the whole experience of all the fucked up moments and good ones.

And this all might sound cheesy and corny and Nicholas Sparks probably wrote about that twenty times already but if you have a whiskey part of your life right now. So it shall be! But don't hate on everything just because some doors were slammed in front of your face.

A bad phase will shape you too. And the journey and experience is what makes that little car called life start up again and will lead you on.