What is love?

Baby don't hurt me.

Okay, fine. I had to do it. But in this time and age not being 1953 and as this is posted on a interwebpage, I just had to start like that.

But in fact there is no rule on how to start anything. Or to do anything in that matter. Just recently I was reminded of it by rewatching the absolutely genius show called 'Fargo'. In a blend of fantastic televisiotography (coining that name!) and fabolous characters one of them said:

Your problem is you’ve spent your whole life thinking there are rules. There aren’t.
— Lorne Malvo, Fargo (2014)

Although he is a murderer in this one and your mommy told you "Don't listen to murderers". He is right.

There are no rules. So fuck up everything around you. Throw the trash and your cat out of your window, as physics suddenly don't exist anymore!

No, of course not. But you know what I'm getting at here. I, for a long time, stuck to rules, you see.  Mostly because I didn't wanted to draw attention that I, the guy in the red sweater that shouldn't have eaten that last cupcake, did something only a fool would do. Because a fool is dumb. It is then the job of the asshole (or maybe asshole group) to laugh at the fat kid.

A fool is different. And a fool can fall in love. An asshole just pretends to.

I know.

I think, you always love something that is not perfect. Lets examine this case:

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Ein von Daniel-Photographer (@daniel_tumbles) gepostetes Foto am

Whuauauat? Not perfect? Yeah this guy must be joking. But I am not. So, I am a mustang driver. And if I'd say I like this car, I'd be going to hell for. It's in this car that I turn into an 11 year old boy that just saw a naked lady.

Every time I start it up. Every time I rev up the engine. Every time I let the tires squeal.

Sounds perfect to me. But it's not. The horrid plastic they sell you as a dashboard squeaks at you in the summer. Every other mile she wants another drink at a gas station. And after every 2 hour + drive my ears are bleeding.

But even though it has all those faults you would discard any other car for it. This car has an effect on me. Like your strong monday morning coffee has on your body.

Its the things that stand out in the crowd sometimes. Not the attention grabbing assholes that point out and laugh at the fools. But the fools themselves. Because in that crowd with a lot of people laughing at the fool is another fool, that just might fall in love with you.