I am stuck

"There's no way out, is there?"

"Yeah, It's all blocked off"

Today I got scared. Today is my third day in Iceland. And yes, the landscape does take your breath away. Every corner is another beautiful view on a snowy mountain. Its gorgeous.

But I do have a problem with that tho. On my first day I was in Vík, at the black beach. Really cool to see sand as dark as the soul of my 5th grade german teacher.

But the other problem with Iceland is: Anyone that has a camera (so everyone) can take a 'beautiful' photo. And when I mean beautiful photo, I mean a photo of a beautiful landscape. And them going back home showing off the thousands of photos of basically the same beautiful thing over and over again, is kinda boring. And maybe a little dumb too? Paying lots of money to basically take photos of things you can easily find on google. I hate that. Maybe I just hate the typical tourist.

All right, I am grinching a little here.

And it took me some beating to remember it. Yesterday in form of a friendly beating from a brother from another mother and today in form of something white. Wait... no, not that kind of white men produce.

Whiteout is a weather condition in which visibility and contrast are severely reduced by snow or sand. The horizon disappears completely and there are no reference points at all, leaving the individual with a distorted orientation.
— Wikipedia

Never could imagine one. That changed today.

I almost died #snowblizzard #snow #whiteout #cantsee #shit #tumbleweed #nothingness #trapped

Ein von Tumbleweed (@daniel_tumbles) gepostetes Video am

 Definitely not the type that is scared easily nor am I a big strong man. But this scared me shitless. The following few minutes driving out of that were tense. And I somehow made it out alive without destroying my car. Arriving in Egilsstaðir only to find the next bit of road is closed too. Splendid, I guess I'll be staying here.

Allthough this was quite the inconvience. I loved it. The brutal wind, my panic attack in the car, the relief of finally coming out of the snow blizzard. This is the stuff stories are made of. And thats why you go somewhere.

Go somewhere else to experience something new. Something scary even.

That's the stuff stories are made off.